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Crunchy Peanut Butter Squares

Rich peanut butter squares with crunchy pretzel pieces, dipped in dark chocolate. *Pas Yisroel*

Pecan Patties

Crunchy pecans and caramel drizzled with decadent dark chocolate. *Pas Yisroel*

Pecan Turtles

Delicious combination of pecans, caramel and rich dark chocolate. *Pas Yisroel*

Drizzled Vanilla Marshmallows

Marshmallow Bars Covered in Dark Chocolate and Drizzled with White Chocolate

White - Wafer Bites

Bite Size Wafers Covered in White Chocolate & Drizzled in Dark Chocolate *Pas Yisroel*

Dark - Wafer Bites

Bite Size Wafers Covered in Dark Chocolate & Drizzled in White Chocolate *Pas Yisroel*

MINI Viennese Crunch

Viennese Crunch in a MINI size *Pas Yisroel*