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White- Ruby Crystals Rod (2)

White Chocolate with Crystal Red Rubies *Pas Yisroel*

Dark- Gold Crystal  Rod (L)

Dark Chocolate with Gold Crystals*Pas Yisroel*

Dark-Rainbow Sprinkles Rods (L)

Dark Chocolate with Rainbow Sprinkles *Pas Yisroel*

Dark-Choc RainbowChips Rod (L)

Dark Chocolate with Rainbow Chips *Pas Yisroel*

Dark- White Drizzle Rod  (L)

Dark Chocolate with White Chocolate Drizzle *Pas Yisroel*

White- Pink Drizzle Rod (L)

White Chocolate with Pink Drizzle *Pas Yisroel*

White Rod - Choco Drizzle

White Rod - Choco Drizzle